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folder-icon Am I paid up? Do I need to make a payment? folder-icon Am I paid up? Do I need to make a payment? folder-icon Can you send me a refund via mail? folder-icon How can I change my payment date? folder-icon How do I change the billing address and/or card I have on file with FaxBetter? folder-icon How do I check if my billing information is up to date and my account is paid up? folder-icon How Do I Get A Receipt/Invoice For My Upgrade? folder-icon How do I pay with a card that has a billing address that is not in the United States or Canada? folder-icon How do I see how much was charged to may bank card and when? folder-icon How many pages can I send and receive with my account? folder-icon How much does FaxBetter Premium cost? folder-icon If FaxBetter free or do I have to pay for it? folder-icon If I want to try your Premium service for only one month, when do I need to cancel so I will not be billed again? folder-icon In what currency is your pricing? folder-icon I received a "Billing Final Notice" email that says my account is closed. How do I reactivate it? folder-icon I want a refund of my port processing fee folder-icon May I Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages at a discount? folder-icon May I Pre-Purchase Rollover Pages on a FaxBetter Free account? folder-icon My account was locked or closed. How do I get access to my account again? folder-icon Potential Fraud Will Not Give Copy of Bank Card folder-icon When is my bank card charged? folder-icon When is my next payment due? folder-icon When will you attempt to bill my card again? folder-icon Why are you emailing me about an expired card when I am paid up for a while? folder-icon Why does a port/move of my existing number to FaxBetter take so long? folder-icon Why do I only receive a partial refund? folder-icon Why was my bank card charged $15? folder-icon Why was my bank card charged $19.90?
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