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May I Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages at a discount?
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If you send or receive more than 500 pages per month, FaxBetter allows you to Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages at a discount. We offer 4 options to Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages:


Number of Extra Pages Price Price Per Page
1,000 $49.95 $0.05
2,000 $79.95 $0.04
5,000 $149.95 $0.03
10,000 $199.95 $0.02

As the name implies, these Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages are "rollover" pages. So if you do not use them in a certain month you do not lose them, they "rollover" to subsequent months.


To Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages, log into your FaxBetter Premium account and click on the "Settings" tab and the then "My Account" tab.



Additional notes about Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages:    

  • These Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages can be used for sending or receiving.
  • FaxBetter Premium accounts receive 500 pages that can be used for sending or receiving. Only after these pages are used do you begin using these Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages.
  • If you run out of Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages and go over the 500 pages allotted pages per month, you will automatically purchase 250 additional pages for $15.
  • FaxBetter Free accounts limited to 50 pages per month and are not eligible to Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages. You must have a FaxBetter Premium account to Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages. Click here to upgrade to FaxBetter Premium.
  • Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages are not refundable if you cancel.
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