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folder-icon Can free users purchase additional space? folder-icon Can I change from paid to free and keep my number? folder-icon Can I finance or defer my upgrade payment? folder-icon Can I get a local number instead of a toll free number? folder-icon Can I get another toll free fax number in my free account if I lost it due to non use for 7 days? folder-icon Can I get my old fax number back? folder-icon Can I keep my current fax number? folder-icon Can I pay for my account by check? folder-icon Can I send my bank card information via email? folder-icon Do you accept Bitcoin for payments? folder-icon Do you accept PayPal? folder-icon Duplicate Payment folder-icon How do I create a master account to administer two ore more fax numbers? folder-icon How do I get an 800 number instead of an 855, 866, 877 or 888 number? folder-icon How do I get a new fax number if my old one expired? folder-icon How do I keep my current fax number? folder-icon How do I keep my number for free by giving Flext a positive review? folder-icon How do I know if I have more than one account? folder-icon How do I purchase a gift certificate for a subscription? folder-icon How may pages can I send and receive with my account folder-icon How much does it cost to upgrade? folder-icon I am trying to upgrade and it is not working. What's wrong? folder-icon If I port my fax number to you, when do I cancel service with my existing carrier? folder-icon If I port my number to FaxBetter do I still have to pay my local telephone carrier? folder-icon If I port my number to you, how long will our fax line be down? folder-icon If I upgrade am I still required to receive a fax every 7 days to keep the same fax number? folder-icon If I upgrade to FaxBetter Premium can I later downgrade to FaxBetter Free again? folder-icon Is my fax number toll free, like an 800 number? folder-icon Number Taken Before 7 Days folder-icon Once I sign up for a paid account is there still a chance I will lose my number? folder-icon What are your customer support hours and phone number? folder-icon What features do I get with FaxBetter Premium? folder-icon What is the difference between the three prices: $5.95, $7.95 and $9.95 per month? folder-icon What services are lost after the 30 days trial expires for the free account? folder-icon Why did I receive a new fax number when I have received a fax in less than 7 days? folder-icon Why did my free fax number expire? folder-icon Why did you close my account so quickly after I went over the page count limit? folder-icon Why do you sometimes need a copy of my card for authorization? folder-icon Why is a physical address required to port my number to FaxBetter? folder-icon Why should I upgrade to a Premium account if I can use FaxBetter for free? folder-icon Why would I lose my free fax number? folder-icon Will I still receive faxes with my fax number after the 30 day trial?
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