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Why did my free fax number expire?
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The free version of our service is intended to provide a solution to an occasional need to receive a fax. Even if you let your fax number expire (after not using it for 7 days), just log into your account and click on the “(Click to Request New Fax Number)” in the upper right-hand corner (where your old fax number used to be) and you will quickly be assigned a new fax number.

If you have a regular need to receive faxes and want to maintain the same number, we offer FaxBetter Premium, which costs as little as $5.95 per month and is the lowest price out there. Much of the profits we derive from the revenue generated from our Premium subscribers are used to give back to the web community through funding additional free accounts.


To maintain your FaxBetter Free account, you must receive a fax from a unique (different from the number from which you previously received a fax) every 7 days in order to keep your FaxBetter Free number.


Also, note that the fax must be received in order to count. Faxes that are not received will not show when you log in.

Click here to see if your prior fax number is available when you upgrade.

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