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Why was my bank card charged $15?

[FaxBetter Premium][1] comes with 500 pages per month (sent and received). Once you have reached 501 pages sent and received in any billing period we will bill you for 250 additional pages at $0.06 per page (that’s $15). These additional pages do not have to be used in the same billing period. They can be carried over…

May I Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages at a discount?

If you send or receive more than 500 pages per month, FaxBetter allows you to Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages at a discount. We offer 4 options to Pre-Purchase Non-Expiring Rollover Pages: **Number of Extra Pages** **Price** **Price Per Page** 1,000 $49.95 $0.05 2,000 $79.95 $0.04 5,000 $149.95 $0.0…

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