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I am not receiving email notifications even though I am receiving faxes, why?
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If you are seeing your received faxes when you log in but are not getting email fax notifications:

  • Check to make sure the email address in the upper right-hand corner is the email where you want your faxes to be sent
  • Check the spam folder of your email program
  • Make sure “[email protected]” is whitelisted by your email program and spam software.
  • Check to make sure the box next to “Fax notifications to your email” is checked.
    • If it is unchecked, you need to recheck it.
    • If it is unchecked and you did not uncheck it, your internet service provider has blocked our servers from sending you emails. When this happens, we discontinue sending any future emails and this will be automatically unchecked (This is step is necessary so that we do not get flagged by internet service providers as an email spammer). Contact us (with the subject “Stop Bouncing My Emails”) to let us know that you still want to receive these emails and we will force our system to continue sending you emails regardless of whether your internet service provider is rejecting your emails. Obviously, until they send the emails through, you will not get them. Note: The email servers we use for customer service are separate from the email servers we use for automated email (fax notification and scheduled emails) so emails to customer service will not be blocked.
  • Check with your internet service provider to see if they are blocking emails from They will occasionally block emails they believe to be spam. Let them know that you want to receive emails from and that they are not spam.  While our SMTP server locations and proxy #s are considered private company data we can provide you with the FaxBetter dedicated IP address, which is:  Providing this IP to your internet service provider should allow them to initiate an exception for you. Specific instructions for Comcast users are here.

If you are still not receiving fax notifications in your email, you may want to try having your faxes automatically print to your printer. Click here to learn how to enable this feature.

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