I am a Comcast email user and not getting fax notification emails

Please first try the steps here. If you are still having problems and if your email address ends with @comast.net there is a good chance that they are blocking the emails we are sending to you because they believe them to be spam. We have already contacted them to remove this restriction but occasionally they require individual users to remove the restriction. Therefore, please fill out this online form to remove the email block.
Please fill out this with the following:

  • Your information and the sender's email address, notification@faxbetter.com. 
  • Provide details on the notes section how it is important for you to receive notification from FaxBetter.com. 
  • Put on the "Blocked IP Addresses" section 
  • Put "faxbetter.com" as the "Domain of Blocked IP". 
  • Select "Comcast subscriber" on the "I am the:" field.
If it does not help, we recommend you start using a different email for FaxBetter notifications other than comcast.net.
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  • 23-Jun-2018