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Do you accept Bitcoin for payments?
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Yes, we do accept Bitcoin. In order to pay using Bitcoin, you must signup or extend your FaxBetter subscription for a minimum of 1 year. If you wish to pay monthly, you may not use Bitcoin.

To pay with Bitcoin:


  1. Send $95.40 for one year or $142.80 for 2 years to Bitcoin wallet address 3KPy9jqJecnSeXpUy2RX6jFpK92bg71T2E or by using the image below. 
  2.  If you are charged a transaction fee by your Bitcoin account management company, simply deduct that from your payment.
  3. Email FaxBetter support to let us know you have submitted your payment with a copy of the transaction receipt showing the address(es) and any fee that was deducted.


Once we have verified that the funds were received, we will upgrade your account to reflect your purchase within 1 business day. 


Note: Once your payment is received and your account has been upgraded, create a reminder for yourself just before your subscription is about to expire and send us Bitcoin at that time to extend your subscription so that you do not experience any disruption in service. Once the Bitcoin has been sent at that time, email us with a copy of the transaction receipt showing the address(es) from which you sent Bitcoin and we will be sure to extend your subscription by the amount that you paid and prevent interruption. 


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