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Why was my fax number expired because of an "Invalid Email Address"?
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When we receive a response from your email provider (,, etc.) that the email address you use for your account is not valid (the email was blocked by your email provider), we immediately expire the fax number. This is to prevent users from maintaining a fax number with an invalid email address.


If you believe your email address is valid, it could be because your email provider blocked an email we send to you. Check with your internet service provider to see if they are blocking emails from They will occasionally block emails they believe to be spam. Let them know that you want to receive emails from and that they are not spam.  


While our SMTP server locations and proxy #s are considered private company data we can provide you with the FaxBetter dedicated IP address, which is:  Providing this IP to your internet service provider should allow them to initiate an exception for you. Specific instructions for Comcast users are here.

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