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How do I enable secure sending and receiving?

Click on the "Settings" tab in the upper right-hand corner. Then check the box next to "Enable secure sending and receiving" Note: This feature is only available to FaxBetter Premium users. Click here to upgrade.

With FaxBetter Premium accounts when "Enable secure sending and receiving" is not checked (this the default setting) and a fax is:

  • received, the customer receives a fax notification email that has a preview of the first page of the fax and a copy of the fax attached as a PDF.
  • sent, a confirmation email is sent with a preview of the first page of the fax.

But, email is generally considered not to be secure. Therefore, when "Enable secure sending and receiving" is checked:

  1. neither the preview nor the PDF attachment is included in the fax notification email or the confirmation email for received faxes. Customers must log in to the FaxBetter secure servers to access the fax.
  2. sending faxes will receive an email confirming that the fax was sent but no preview of the first page of the fax will be included.
  3. sending faxes via email is disabled. Click here to learn how to send faxes through the FaxBetter secure servers.

Click here to learn more about FaxBetter security.

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  • 19-Jul-2020