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At what resolution (ppi, dpi) do you transmit and receive faxes?

The most common fax resolutions are:

  • hyperfine/superfine – 408×391 dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch)
  • fine – 204×196 dpi or ppi
  • low/normal – 204×98 dpi or ppi

Fax is a negotiated protocol, so it depends on the capabilities of the sender and receiver as to what the “best” mutual capability is in terms of resolution.

We recommend sending with black type only.  Any gradient of gray may be unreadable even in the maximum resolution capable with fax transmissions.

Sending Resolution
By default, we send in fine resolution. If the receiver has the same or higher resolution, they will receive the fax in fine resolution. If the receiver can only receive in low/normal resolution, then they will receive their fax in low/normal resolution.  A higher resolution is not configurable by the user.

Receive Resolution
We accept low/normal and fine resolutions. When a fax is received at hyperfine/superfine resolution we downgrade the fax to fine thereby cutting off approximately half of the fax on the right and bottom.

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  • 13-Mar-2020