How do I confirm that I am getting the paid version of FaxBetter for free?

If you want to confirm that you are receiving the paid version of FaxBetter for free, simply log into your account from the browser where you have the FaxBetter Extension installed and then click on the "Settings" tab in the upper right. You are all set if you see the message, "Receiving fully paid version of FaxBetter (a $9.95 per month value) for free by accepting advertising through the FaxBetter Extension." 
You must occasionally use the computer and browser where you installed the FaxBetter Extension. Our system automatically does periodic checks to make sure you are able to receive advertisements as agreed. Click here to learn how to install the FaxBetter Extension on multiple systems.
If there is any change in your status, we will let you know by email.
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  • 23-Jun-2018