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How do I send a fax?

Once you have upgraded to FaxBetter Premium, you can send faxes in two ways:

  • From The Web (Click belowfor video instruction):
    • Log into your account, click on “Send Fax”.
    • Type in the fax number where you want to send your document.
    • Select the document to send (Check to make sure your file type is supported)
    • Click “OK” and the document is faxed.
  • By Email: (Click below for video instruction):
    • Address an email to
    • The email “From” must be the email you use to log into your FaxBetter account (“Reply-To” address will not work).
    • Enter the destination fax number ONLY in the subject line (any format).
    • Attach the fax to be sent
      • Only one attachment is allowed per email
      • Check to make sure your file type is supported
      • Only the information in the attachment will be faxed, any information in the body of the email will not be faxed.
    • Send the email and the attached document will be faxed.
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  • 08-Sep-2020