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Why is my printer not in this list?

In order for your printer to be available in the list of supported printers, you must have the printer driver for your printer installed. To find your printer's printer driver, enter your printer's make and model and the words "printer driver" into an internet web search. If you have already installed your printer's d…

Why are you asking me to select a printer?

When you receive a fax and have elected to automatically print your faxes to your printer via Perfect.Delivery and have more than one printer it is mandatory for you to select the printer to which you want your documents printed. If you only have one printer, we assume you want to print your documents to that printer.…

How do you turn off FaxBetter's Automatic Printing Application (APA)?

To turn off the automatic print function in FaxBetter: 1. Log into your account 2. Click on the "Settings" tab 3. Uncheck the box next to "Automatically print faxes when received" When new faxes are received they will no longer be automatically printed.

My virus protection software says that FaxBetter's Automatic Printing Application (APA) is malware, is it?

FaxBetter's Automatic Printing Application (APA) is considered safe by major AntiVirus software including Symantec (Norton), Avast, and Microsoft. If you see any warnings, please contact us to prevent further inconvenience. APA will not run properly if you do not approve any antivirus warnings during installation.

I keep getting asked for an installation key but I already completed that step. How do I fix this?

This is the problem we have with a small number of users who installed an early version of FaxBetter's Automatic Printing Application (APA). To fix the problem follow these steps: 1. Find the APA (earlier version were called Perfect.Delivery) and uninstall it 2. Log into your FaxBetter account and click on the "S…

How do I upgrade to the newest version of the FaxBetter's Automatic Printing Application (APA)?

FaxBetter's Automatic Printing Application (APA) has a feature that automatically keeps you updated to the latest version of the installed software application. But if you installed APA prior to June 22, 2016, we did not yet have this automatic upgrade feature. To fix this problem: 1. [Click here to download the la…

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