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I am having problems sending faxes. Why?
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  1. Review these instruction on sending faxes. 
  2. If you are attempting to send a fax via email:
    1. make sure to review the email address you are sending from is the email address on your FaxBetter account.  If it does not match exactly the email will send but you will get no feedback as to whether the fax was sent successfully and the fax will not show up in your "Sent Faxes" folder.
    2. Only one attachment per email is permitted. 
  3. If you are attempting to send via our web page:
    1. make sure you follow the format ###-###-#### exactly.  Review this additional information
  4. Though large (more than 15 page) faxes will work, occasionally if there is a poor connection at the receiving end, the transmission may fail. We recommend splitting your fax file into smaller 10 page files and then sending them back to back.
  5. If none of the steps above helped, your image file may be corrupted.  Convert your PDF to a TIFF using this site.  Set the "Resolution:" at "300" and the "Tiff type:" at "BW - G3 fax encoding".  If you had a problem converting the file to TIFF, your file is corrupted.  Once you get the TIFF file, try sending this newly created TIFF.
  6. View each page of the file you want to send in Adobe Reader (You can download a free copy).  Make sure to give each page a chance to load.  Many times certain pages are unreadable making the entire document unfaxable.
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