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Is the FaxBetter logo or advertisement on the outgoing faxes sent by me?

No, you sent faxes only have your fax number and the time and date stamp

How do I send a fax if all I have is a paper copy?

If you want to fax a paper copy, you can scan the paper in and then send by following the instructions at [][1] [1]:

What information appears on the header of faxes that I send?

Your fax number and the date and time you sent the document.

How do I forward a fax from my inbox to another fax number?

You must first download all of the pages of a fax. Simply log into your account and double click on the thumbnail of the fax. This will open the fax in Adobe Acrobat. If you are not able to open faxes, you may need to install [Adobe Acrobat Reader][1]. Once you have downloaded the file you can send it by following [t…

How do I resend a fax?

To resend a fax: 1. log into your FaxBetter account 2. Click on the "Send Faxes" folder 3. Download the fax to be resent by clicking on it 4. [Resend][1] the fax from the downloaded file [1]:

How do I send a test fax with my free account?

Please contact FaxBetter support and we will send you a test fax to test your account.

To which countries can I send faxes?

Faxes can only be sent to the United States and Canada. Other countries are not supported. Some parts of Alaska and Puerto Rico are not supported.

I just want to send one fax. Do you have to upgrade?

Sorry, sending faxes is for [FaxBetter Premium][1] only. If you want to send just one fax, you can upgrade your account for 1 month and then cancel. Total charges would only be $9.95. If you upgrade to [FaxBetter Premium][1] now, you will not have to worry about losing your fax number, getting more than one fax a day …

Can you send/receive legal faxes with FaxBetter?

FaxBetter accepts sending and receiving of faxes that contain legal size documents. There may be cases where the recipient’s fax machine is not able to receive legal size faxes or may cut off pages. In this case please contact the recipient and ask them if they have a different fax number that correctly accepts legal …

How do I verify my fax was sent?

You will receive an email verifying the fax was sent. If it was not successfully sent you will also receive an email letting you know it was unsuccessful. Additionally, you can click on the “Sent Faxes” folder. Hovering over any thumbnail will reveal the time the fax was received as well as the number of pages sent an…

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