How do I know how many pages I have left this month?

To view the number of faxes you have used of your total allotment, log into your account, click on “Settings” and you will see the number of pages you have used and the number of available pages.

Fax Page Usage Since MM/DD/YY: XX
Remaining Pages: YY (ZZ per month + AA additional pages)


  • MM/DD/YY is the later of the date you signed up and the end of your last month of service
  • XX is the number of pages you have used since MM/DD/YY
  • YY is the number of pages you have to use until your next monthly allotment.  Once you have exceded your monthly allotment in any billing period we will bill you for 250 additional pages at $0.06 per page (that's $15).  
  • ZZ is your total allotment of pages (sent and received) per month.
  • AA are any additional pages you have purchased over your monthly allotment.  These additional pages do not have to be used in the same billing period. They can be carried over from month to month. Your total monthly allotment, ZZ, will be used before any of these additional pages are used.
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  • 18-Mar-2020