1. I am not receiving my faxes, why?

  2. How do I turn on automatic fax printing?

  3. I am not receiving email notifications even though I am receiving faxes, why?

  4. How do I change the address associated with my account (where my emails are received)?

  5. What is my current fax number?

  6. From which countries can I receive faxes?

  7. Can I specify multiple emails to receive fax notification emails?

  8. When dialing my FaxBetter fax number I hear a message or tone other than the expected dial tone and fax tone. Why?

  9. Can I receive a fax from outside of the United States?

  10. How do I discontinue receiving email notifications for my received faxes?

  11. How do I use the search feature?

  12. Verification of sent or received date

  13. How do I download a copy of a fax and save it to my computer?

  14. Why does it take so long to send or receive a fax?

  15. Are faxes that are received while FaxBetter is waiting for my overage payment available once I make my overage payment?

  16. If I go over the page count per month with a free account what happens to the additional faxes?

  17. My PDF was damaged. How do I get another copy?

  18. Can I receive a fax on a free account and download it to my computer for free?

  19. My fax number expired, how can I get my old fax number back?

  20. Shouldn't FaxBetter be required to forward all faxes to someone after they let their fax number expire?

  21. Is there a way to send myself a test fax?

  22. Why are my faxes hidden?

  23. How do I search by fax number?

  24. Can I receive multiple faxes at the same time if I only have one fax line?

  25. Does the test fax count against my monthly allotment or will it reset my 7 day timer?

  26. I am receiving duplicates of the faxes I receive. Why?

  27. Why do I have to wait 24 hours to get a new fax number as a free customer?

  28. Is there a way to forward faxes from my Google Voice number to FaxBetter?

  29. What is an installation key and where do I get one?

  30. How do I see if my computer is ready to receive faxes directly to my printer?

  31. How do I stop sending faxes to my printer?

  32. How do I turn off automatic fax printing?

  33. The top of my fax pages gets cut off by the fax header. Is this normal?

  34. How do I move or port my existing number to FaxBetter?

  35. Is there a way to block a fax number that is sending me spam?

  36. I am a Comcast email user and not getting fax notification emails

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