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  1. A fax was sent to an expired fax number. Will it be deleted?

  2. A fax was sent to my fax number after it expired, what happened to it?

  3. Am I paid up? Do I need to make a payment?

  4. Are fax headers customizable?

  5. Are faxes that are received while FaxBetter is waiting for my overage payment available once I make my overage payment?

  6. Are there limits as to the number of pages I can receive within one received fax transmission?

  7. Are you down?

  8. At what resolution (ppi, dpi) do you transmit and receive faxes?

  9. Can faxes be sent in color?

  10. Can free users purchase additional space?

  11. Can I change from paid to free and keep my number?

  12. Can I choose my own number?

  13. Can I forward my existing fax number to my FaxBetter number?

  14. Can I get a copy of my faxes if I cancel the service?

  15. Can I get a prorated refund if I cancel prior to the 1 or 2 year term for which I committed?

  16. Can I get another toll free fax number in my free account if I lost it due to non use for 7 days?

  17. Can I get my old fax number back?

  18. Can I keep my current fax number?

  19. Can I receive a fax from outside of the United States?

  20. Can I receive a fax on a free account and download it to my computer for free?

  21. Can I receive a fax right now?

  22. Can I receive multiple faxes at the same time if I only have one fax line?

  23. Can I sent multiple documents to the same fax recipient?

  24. Can I specify multiple emails to receive fax notification emails?

  25. Can you send/receive legal faxes with FaxBetter?

  26. Can you supply me a Business Associate Agreement for HIPAA purposes?

  27. Change time zone

  28. Do I need to download anything to run FaxBetter?

  29. Do you accepts PayPal, checks, Discover or Diners Club?

  30. Do you offer an affiliate program?

  31. Do you print "Void" or "Null" on checks or legal documents?

  32. Do you send spam faxes to your users?

  33. Do you still offer the free version of FaxBetter represented on your website?

  34. Do you support Apple Macintosh computers?

  35. Does FaxBetter accept Bitcoin?

  36. Does my computer need to be on to receive a fax?

  37. Does the test fax count against my monthly allotment or will it reset my 7 day timer?

  38. From which countries can I receive faxes?

  39. HIPAA compliance?

  40. How can I change my payment date?

  41. How confidential/safe/secure are my faxes?

  42. How do I add a cover page to my fax?

  43. How do I cancel a fax that was sent to a wrong number?

  44. How do I cancel my account?

  45. How do I change my password?

  46. How do I change the address associated with my account (where my emails are received)?

  47. How do I change the billing address and/or card I have on file with FaxBetter?

  48. How do I change the email address associated with another account in my corporate account?

  49. How do I change the email address for the administrator on a corporate account?

  50. How do I change the password for another account in my corporate account?

  51. How do I change the password for the administrator for my corporate account?

  52. How do I change the time stamp on outgoing faxes?

  53. How do I change the umber of rings before the fax picks up?

  54. How do I check if my billing information is up to date and my account is paid up?

  55. How do I close the current advertisement I am seeing in my web browser?

  56. How do I combine multiple JPGs into one file for sending?

  57. How do I confirm that I am getting the paid version of FaxBetter for free?

  58. How do I convert a PDF to a PNG

  59. How do I create a master account to administer two ore more fax numbers?

  60. How do I discontinue receiving email notifications for my received faxes?

  61. How do I download a copy of a fax and save it to my computer?

  62. How do I fax multiple documents as one fax?

  63. How do I fax multiple pages?

  64. How do I forward a fax from my inbox to another fax number?

  65. How do I get a fax number with my local area code (not a toll free number)?

  66. How do I get a free fax number?

  67. How do I get a list of the fax number assigned to my other accounts in my corporate account?

  68. How do I get a new fax number if my old one expired?

  69. How Do I Get A Receipt/Invoice For My Upgrade?

  70. How do I get an 800 number instead of an 855, 866, 877 or 888 number?

  71. How do I install the FaxBetter Extension on multiple systems?

  72. How do I keep my current fax number?

  73. How do I know how many pages I have left this month?

  74. How do I know if I have more than one account?

  75. How do I know if the recipient received my fax?

  76. How do I make folders or labels?

  77. How do I move or port my existing number to FaxBetter?

  78. How do I open the fax file that is attached to the fax notification email I received?

  79. How do I open the thumbnail image of my fax?

  80. How do I port my fax number from FaxBetter?

  81. How do I print a fax?

  82. How do I purchase a gift certificate for a subscription?

  83. How do I reactivate my account if I have cancelled?

  84. How do I receive a fax with my iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android?

  85. How do I resend a fax?

  86. How do I retrieve deleted faxes?

  87. How do I retrieve the senders fax number?

  88. How do I rotate faxes that are received upside down?

  89. How do I search by fax number?

  90. How do I see how much was charged to may bank card and when?

  91. How do I see if my computer is ready to receive faxes directly to my printer?

  92. How do I send a fax from email?

  93. How do I send a fax if all I have is a paper copy?

  94. How do I send a fax with my iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android?

  95. How do I send a fax?

  96. How do I send a test fax with my free account?

  97. How Do I Send or Broadcast To Multiple Fax Recipients?

  98. How do I stop sending faxes to my printer?

  99. How do I sync my account to my FaxBetter account?

  100. How do I sync my Evernote account to my FaxBetter account?

  101. How do I turn off automatic fax printing?

  102. How do I turn on automatic fax printing?

  103. How do I unsubscribe from all emails?

  104. How do I unsubscribe from unwanted emails?

  105. How do I upgrade to the newest version of the FaxBetter's Automatic Printing Application (APA)?

  106. How do I use the search feature?

  107. How do I verify my fax was sent?

  108. How do I view all of the pages from the FaxBetter website?

  109. How do you review outgoing fax attachments before they are sent out?

  110. How do you turn off FaxBetter's Automatic Printing Application (APA)?

  111. How large of a file can I send?

  112. How long do you keep faxes that have been emptied from the trash?

  113. How long does it take for a fax to be sent or received?

  114. How long does it take to get a new fax number?

  115. How many faxes can I send with a free account?

  116. How many pages can I send and receive with my account?

  117. How many pages can I send in one document?

  118. How much does it cost to upgrade?

  119. How much space do I have to store my documents?

  120. How much space do I have to store my documents?

  121. How reliable are you? How frequently are you "down"?

  122. How reliable is FaxBetter? How safe are my faxes? How often do you backup?

  123. I accidentally input my email address incorrectly and lost my fax number. How do I correct this?

  124. I am a Comcast email user and not getting fax notification emails

  125. I am a developer. Do you have an API for sending, receiving and managing faxes through the FaxBetter system?

  126. I am having problems sending a fax of more than 50 pages. What do you recommend?

  127. I am having problems sending faxes. Why?

  128. I am having trouble with my password. What do I do?

  129. I am not receiving email notifications even though I am receiving faxes, why?

  130. I am not receiving my faxes, why?

  131. I am receiving duplicates of the faxes I receive. Why?

  132. I am sure I upgraded but I am not able to send faxes, why?

  133. I am trying to upgrade and it is not working. What's wrong?

  134. I have an all in one fax machine. How does your service work with it?

  135. I have the FaxBetter extension installed but received an email that I will be downgraded. Why?

  136. I just want to send one fax. Do you have to upgrade?

  137. I keep getting asked for an installation key but I already completed that step. How do I fix this?

  138. I mostly use FaxBetter from my mobile device (mobile phone and/or tablet). Are mobile users eligible to use the FaxBetter Extension?

  139. I purchased a new computer. Do I have to download any files from you to use Faxbetter on this new machine?

  140. I received a "Billing Final Notice" email that says my account is closed. How do I reactivate it?

  141. I received a fax to my fax number that was not intended for me. Why? Does this imply a breech in security?

  142. I received an email that my card was declined, how do I make sure my correct card information is on file?

  143. I received faxes that are not mine and they are counting toward my page count. How do I eliminate them from my page count?

  144. I wholesale fax services to our customers. Do you have wholesale price options?

  145. I've upgraded to paid and am still getting advertisements. How do I stop the advertisement?

  146. If FaxBetter free or do I have to pay for it?

  147. If I am using a paid version of FaxBetter that is supported by advertising through the FaxBetter extension, do I need to log into once every week to keep my number active?

  148. If I decide I would rather pay for FaxBetter than receive advertisements, how do I do that?

  149. If I elect to install the FaxBetter Extension, how often would I receive advertisements when browsing the internet?

  150. If I go over the page count per month with a free account what happens to the additional faxes?

  151. If I have FaxBetter on my desktop, can I also use it on my laptop?

  152. If I port my fax number to you, when do I cancel service with my existing carrier?

  153. If I port my number to FaxBetter do I still have to pay my local telephone carrier?

  154. If I port my number to you, how long will our fax line be down?

  155. If I upgrade am I still required to receive a fax every 7 days to keep the same fax number?

  156. If I upgrade to FaxBetter Full can I later downgrade to FaxBetter Free again?

  157. If I want to try your paid service for only one month, when do I need to cancel so I will not be billed again?

  158. If the sender is in Canada or the Caribbean, will they have a charge when sending to my FaxBetter toll free number?

  159. In the receiving fax line is busy, do you automatically retry?

  160. In what currency is your pricing?

  161. Is my fax number toll free, like an 800 number?

  162. Is the FaxBetter logo or advertisement on the outgoing faxes sent by me?

  163. Is there a phone number I can call to reach support?

  164. Is there a way to add a digital signature to my fax?

  165. Is there a way to block a fax number that is sending me spam?

  166. Is there a way to forward faxes from my Google Voice number to FaxBetter?

  167. Is there a way to send myself a test fax?

  168. Is there a way we can get a notification sound to let us know we received a fax?

  169. Landscape faxes are incorrectly converting/rotating to portrait and getting cut off. How do I correct?

  170. May I switch back to the free version once I try the FaxBetter Extension?

  171. My account has been disabled, why?

  172. My account was locked or closed. How do I get access to my account again?

  173. My fax number expired, how can I get my old fax number back?

  174. My faxes are being sent either blank or with a white background with no content, why?

  175. My PDF was damaged. How do I get another copy?

  176. My virus protection software says that FaxBetter's Automatic Printing Application (APA) is malware, is it?

  177. On which systems is the FaxBetter Extension available for download?

  178. Once I sign up for a paid account is there still a chance I will lose my number?

  179. Shouldn't FaxBetter be required to forward all faxes to someone after they let their fax number expire?

  180. The top of my fax pages gets cut off by the fax header. Is this normal?

  181. There are unauthorized charges on my bank card. How do I get them removed?

  182. To which countries can I send faxes?

  183. Verification of sent or received date

  184. We make buying decisions for our government's fax services. Can we purchase through you?

  185. What are the system requirements for FaxBetter?

  186. What benefits does FaxBetter have compared to other fax services?

  187. What happens if the FaxBetter Extension does not operate correctly on my computer?

  188. What happens to my faxes if I cancel?

  189. What happens when I go over the 500 page monthly limit?

  190. What happens when I switch my computer? Will it automatically show me option to download the FaxBetter Extension again?

  191. What if I want to use FaxBetter but am not OK with the permissions required to install the FaxBetter Extension?

  192. What information appears on the header of faxes that I send?

  193. What is a corporate account?

  194. What is an installation key and where do I get one?

  195. What is my current fax number?

  196. What is Perfect.Delivery?

  197. What is the difference between the three prices: $5.95, $7.95 and $9.95 per month?

  198. What is the FaxBetter Extension?

  199. What is the length of time you have been in business?

  200. What is your phone number?

  201. What services are lost after the 30 days trial expires for the free account?

  202. When dialing my FaxBetter fax number I hear a message or tone other than the expected dial tone and fax tone. Why?

  203. When does my fax number expire?

  204. When I click on the thumbnail, the fax does not open. Why?

  205. When is my bank card charged?

  206. When is my next payment due?

  207. When people try to fax to my number, they get a busy signal. Whats up?

  208. When sending a fax is unsuccessful, does it still count towards my page count?

  209. When sending a fax, does the recipient see my email address?

  210. When trying to send a fax via email I get the error, " invalid attachment count (only 1 attachment per email)". What is wrong?

  211. When will you attempt to bill my card again?

  212. Where are my archived files?

  213. Which file types are supported for sending faxes?

  214. Who is that fax from? What is the sender's caller ID information?

  215. Why am I getting "Invalid Number" when trying to send a fax?

  216. Why am I not getting my email notifications (I use Earthlink)?

  217. Why am I receiving advertisements while browsing the web?

  218. Why are my faxes hidden?

  219. Why are you asking me to select a printer?

  220. Why did all of my pages not get sent?

  221. Why did I receive a new fax number when I have received a fax in less than 7 days?

  222. Why do I have to wait 24 hours to get a new fax number as a free customer?

  223. Why do you sometimes need a copy of my card for authorization?

  224. Why does a port/move of my existing number to FaxBetter take so long?

  225. Why does it take so long to send or receive a fax?

  226. Why does the fax number with my free account expire every 7 days if I do not use it?

  227. Why is my printer not in this list?

  228. Why should I upgrade to a paid account if I can use it for free?

  229. Why was my bank card charged $15?

  230. Why was my bank card charged $19.90?

  231. Why would you not give me a prorated refund for the unused time when I cancel?

  232. Will I still receive faxes with my fax number after the 30 day trial?

  233. Will my FaxBetter account work with my fax machine, printer or all-in-one?

  234. Will my faxes be made public?

  235. Will my older faxes be automatically deleted?

  236. Your passwords are not case sensitive, is that a bug?

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