How confidential/safe/secure are my faxes?

No internet system is 100% safe. Anyone that tells you different does either not understand the risks or is just not truthful. Our level of security is explained in the FAQ and the “About Us” page. We do not believe there is a fax provider that has a higher level of competency or ability to thwart security breeches. If this level of protection is acceptable to you, we invite you to become a customer. If not, we recommend not using an internet based fax provider for your confidential documents.

By default, all faxes are also sent to the email address provided.  Emails are not secure.  If you wish to increase the security of your faxes, we recommend you turn off email notifications.  

If it is of concern, also visit HIPAA policy page.

We hope this helps you to make an informed decision.

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