What is the FaxBetter Extension?

The FaxBetter Extension is a Google Chrome browser extension that allows you to enjoy the benefits of the fully paid version of FaxBetter.com (a $9.95 per month value) for FREE. To help pay for FaxBetter's expenses, the FaxBetter Extension will occasionally display advertisements while you are browsing the web.


  1. What is the FaxBetter Extension?
  2. Why am I receiving advertisements while browsing the web?
  3. If I elect to install the FaxBetter Extension, how often would I receive advertisements when browsing the internet?
  4. How do I confirm that I am getting the paid version of FaxBetter for free?
  5. If I decide I would rather pay for FaxBetter than receive advertisements, how do I do that?
  6. May I switch back to the free version once I try the FaxBetter Extension?
  7. What happens when I go over the 500 page monthly limit?
  8. How do I install the FaxBetter Extension on multiple systems?
  9. What happens if the FaxBetter Extension does not operate correctly on my computer?
  10. On which systems is the FaxBetter Extension available for download?
  11. I mostly use FaxBetter from my mobile device (mobile phone and/or tablet). Are mobile users eligible to use the FaxBetter Extension?
  12. I have the FaxBetter extension installed but received an email that I will be downgraded. Why?
  13. What happens when I switch my computer? Will it automatically show me option to download the FaxBetter Extension again?
  14. What is Perfect.Delivery?
  15. How do I close the current advertisement I am seeing in my web browser?
  16. If I am using a paid version of FaxBetter that is supported by advertising through the FaxBetter extension, do I need to log into FaxBetter.com once every week to keep my number active?
  17. Do you still offer the free version of FaxBetter represented on your website?
  18. What if I want to use FaxBetter but am not OK with the permissions required to install the FaxBetter Extension?

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