How long does it take for a fax to be sent or received?

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Here is a breakdown of the average time it takes for a single page fax to transmit based on the Baud Rate of the sending and receiving fax lines. Please keep in mind that these are average times of fax transmission speeds.

Baud RateInbound Minutes per PageOutbound Minutes per Page
24002 minutes 30 seconds2 minutes 50 seconds
48001 minute 45 seconds1 minute 50 seconds
72001 minute 15 seconds1 minute 15 seconds
96001 minute1 minute
1200055 seconds55 seconds
1440045 seconds45 seconds
2880035 seconds35 seconds
3360025 seconds25 seconds

The transmission speed will adjust to the lower baud rate of the two fax lines. An example of this would be if the sending baud rate is 33600 and the receiving baud rate is 14400 then the transmission rate will be the 14400 baud rate.

With a conventional office fax machine, you see (and hear) the fax being received as soon as it starts. With an online fax service like FaxBetter you will get no indication that a fax is being received until all of the pages are received and processed. So, if you are receiving 100 pages, you may be waiting a while before you get any indication from your online fax service that a fax is on the way.

The density of information on each faxed page also affects the time it takes for a fax to complete. If you are receiving 10 pages with just text, that will take much less time than 10 pages with images or complex drawings.

When sending a fax, the same rules apply. But keep in mind, if the receiving fax machine is busy or unavailable, FaxBetter waits five minutes before attempting again. FaxBetter will attempt to send the fax three times before sending you a fax send failure email.

Also, even though we have thousands of fax lines, we only allow you to send one fax at a time.  So if you send multiple faxes back to back, the second fax will not start until the first fax has been completed.

If you are not already a FaxBetter user, we are the only true free online fax. No credit card required. Instant Signup. Click here to get your free toll free fax number now.

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