How do I send a fax with my iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android?

To send a fax with your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod, you must have a full account. If you have a full account simply:

  • Open the camera app
  • Take a photo of the page to be sent
  • Open the “Photos” app
  • Select the photo of the page you just took (or another photo if you wish).
  • While viewing the photo on your iPhone, click on the “squre/arrow” botton in the lower left hand corner.
  • Select “Email Photo”
  • Address an email To: Note: The email address from which you are sending must be the email you use to log into your FaxBetter account (“Reply-To” address will not work). To learn how to set up your email address set up on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, click here.
  • Enter the destination fax number ONLY in the subject line (any format).
  • Send the email and the attached document will be faxed.
  • Once the fax has been sent successfully, you will receive a confirmation of the sent fax in your email inbox. If there was a problem with the receiving fax machine, you will receive an email informing you of the error. If you do not receive an email then the from email address and the email address on your full account did not match.

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