I am not receiving my faxes, why?

Do the following checks:

  • Make sure that your fax number has not changed.
    • Check to see if your correct fax number is still displayed in the upper right hand corner. If it is not, your number may have expired before you upgraded to a full account. To get a new number, simply click on the “My Faxes” tab and then the “Activate New Number” link in the upper right hand corner. You will be assigned a new number that will be available for use within 24 hours. If you want to keep your old number, go to “Keep my old number” from the pull down menu above.
  • Try sending a fax to yourself.
    • Click here to send a test fax to yourself. This is not a “shortcut” as this process takes the same route as a fax from outside FaxBetter. If this fax is received correctly, the problem is with either the sending fax machine or phone line. Continue with the next major bullet point below to resolve the problem.
    • If you received an email with an error message, please click “Contact Support” (to the right) and forward us the error message.
    • If you have not received an email either confirming delivery of the fax or informing you that there was a problem sending it, wait for this response. If you do not receive a response in 15 minutes, please click “Contact Support” (to the right) and inform us of the problem.
  • Make sure the sender is dialing correctly.
    • A “1” is required when dialing your fax number from a land line as opposed to a cell phone where a “1” is not required. Since most fax machines are connected to a land line, make sure the person sending the fax dials a “1” before your fax number.
    • Be sure that the number from which you are sending does not need any special dialing codes. The best way to check, is to try sending a fax to your cell phone. If you cell phone does not ring, there is a problem with either the way your are dialing or the line you are attempting to use.
  • Check to make sure the sending phone line is configured to send faxes.
    • Make sure you are sending your fax from a non Voice Over Internet Protocol, VOIP, line. VOIP lines include Vonage, CallVantage, etc. Our tests with VOIP lines concluded that more than 50% of faxes sent to any fax line with a VOIP fax line encountered errors and were not sent.
  • Check to make sure your fax line is sending a fax tone.
    • From your cell phone try calling your fax line.  You should hear a dial tone (we pick up in 1-5 rings) followed by series of beeps (you should recognize what a fax sounds like).  
    • If the line is not answered (it continues to ring as if the fax machine is off or no one is picking up), please click "Contact Support" (to the right) and let us know that "My fax line is RNA" (Ring No Answer)"
    • If the line is busy, please click "Contact Support" (to the right) and let us know that "My fax line is busy".  We have configured FaxBetter so that senders NEVER encounter a busy signal.  If you encounter one, there is a problem with your line that needs corrected.
  • If you are seeing your received faxes when you login but are not getting email fax confirmations, click here for additional instructions.

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